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The patient register did not record the gestational age at the

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uk canada goose outlet To the extent possible, we have identified miscarriage as losses between 6 and 20 weeks, canada goose outlets uk with exceptions as noted in this paragraph. The patient register did not record the gestational age at the time of the miscarriage, but we assume that all miscarriages identified in the patient register occurred before 12 completed gestational weeks, as they would otherwise have been recorded in the birth register. Hospital discharges in the patient register are coded according to ICD 10 (international classification of diseases, 10th revision). uk canada goose outlet

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canada goose For some people surgery can be done to remove parts of the brain affected by epilepsy. This is a highly risky procedure, so it would only be done on very severe cases and where it is known what the exact cause is. So it is only for very few people that there canada goose vest outlet is a surgical cure for epilepsy canada goose.

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