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Computer Science is not a programming dregree and I think it can be misleading. They focus on C language because most computer systems boil down to C. The java virtual machine is C, Linux kernel is C most drivers are written in C/C++, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One are both written in C++ while it is hard to learn, compared to newer langauges it is still very relevant.

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READ MORE: New guide to discover a treasure on the op shopping trail “Taking time to recreate a look by shopping second hand is so much more satisfying and so much more fun and you end up finding better things along the way. Pieces mean more because you have sought them out and you treat them with a bit more love because you have gone to the trouble of finding them rather than just walking into a store and pulling your size off a rack.” Ms Rayner’s challenge this year is to sustainablyfurnish an entire apartment by purchasing second hand from op shops and online marketplaces. Meg’s top tips for a sustainable wardrobe: Meg’s favourite op shop buys: I have found some amazing things over the years.

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