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On Friday the 5th of January, listen to Cicilia and Jorge play

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buy replica bags Are you keen to enjoy the long, warm summer days over the next few weeks and looking for a reason to get the kids out of the house? If so, the National Arboretum has the thing for you.For the next three Friday evenings, the Arboretum will stay open after replica bags wholesale mumbai hours with live music, some of the best views Canberra has to offer, share platters and drinks to celebrate summer.Bring your friends and family and enjoy the spectacular views from the Village Centre with the Curatoreum Shop, National Bonsai and Penjing Collection and Pod Playground staying open until 9 pm.There will also be free guided and Water forest walks leaving at 6 pm and 6:30 pm.Let the kids enjoy the Pod Playground, where they will have a blast playing in the acorn cubbies, clambering across the climbing nets, making music in the banksia cubbies and slipping down the tube slides.Bring a picnic to enjoy on the lawns of the Events Terrace or the Gallery of Gardens and enjoy the live music on display.On Friday the 5th of January, listen to Cicilia and Jorge play upbeat and cheery Latin music. The following week, hear Leisa Keen Trio play well known jazz and pop hits and on Friday 19 January, enjoy listening to Mitch Campas play contemporary Top 40, rock, retro and dance music. Live music will be played from5:30 pmtill 8:30 replica kipling bags pm buy replica bags.

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