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Maybe they only bottle feed, maybe they only breastfeed

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An Indian guy just wouldn’t have cut it. The humour needed a slightly weird casting,” says Ashish Khazanchi, former creative head at Publicis Ambience, the agency that created this ad. As an aside, he adds that one of the reasons we see many white males in our ads is because there’s a dearth of good male models in India, especially the kind that can be cast in ads for the fashion and grooming category.

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best replica designer Her own life was marked by tragedy, Rae told the AP in a 2015 interview. She said the “most devastating thing” she faced was her son Andy Strauss’ diagnosis of autism at a time when there was far less understanding of or attention to the disorder. Andy died in his mid 40s of a heart attack in 1999 best replica designer.

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