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As a result of this the court would go into various aspects

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uk canada goose outlet The Centre had raised objections to canada goose outlet online the court hearing the review of its verdict in the light of the petitioners submitting fresh documents. During the course of the arguments, the petitioners had also questioned the appointment of the Anil Ambani owned company as the offset partner of Dassault, the French manufacturer of Dassault.The court said that it would fix a date to hear the review pleas in detail. As a result of this the court would go into various aspects including the point raised by the petitioner with regard to the appointment of the Anil Ambani owned company.Dassault Aviation, the makers of Rafale, had entered into an agreement canada goose factory outlet with Ambani’s Reliance Defence Ltd (RDL) for fulfilling offset obligations.”I welcome the judgment of the Hon’ble Supreme Court today summarily dismissing all PILs filed on the Rafale contracts, and conclusively establishing the complete falsity of the wild, baseless and politically motivated allegations levelled against Reliance Group and me personally,” canada goose outlet online store review Ambani had said in a statement. uk canada goose outlet

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